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0609 Project Log: The Honest Kitchen

Honest Kitchen is a natural pet food company just a few blocks from our workshop in Downtown San Diego. They were moving from their current office into another space in the same building. We were asked to construct 12 workstations that would seat 2 people each and a 12′ floating standing desk to be secured between 2 concrete pillars. We built the desks out of square tubing and Poplar wood tops. We used a brushed finish to match the modern design of the existing office space.


The installation of the floating desk took a little bit of creativity and engineering. The frame was built out of a 4×4 steel tube spine and rectangle tubing frame, which made it quite heavy. We had to first anchor in steel brackets and and then through bolt the frame onto the brackets. The next step was to attach the wood top and made sure everything was level.

2014-06-24 20.20.41
2014-06-24 18.50.30
2014-06-24 18.50.49

2014-06-24 20.27.53

2014-06-06 10.34.21
2014-06-06 10.38.43
2014-06-06 10.33.57
2014-06-24 21.08.52
All in all, the project went off with much less headaches and glitches then expected. Due to the size of the pieces and engineering required for the installation of floating desk, we anticipated difficulties and modification from things as small as the pillars being off square.

Luckily,we were able to install the pieces early and get The Honest Kitchen up and ready to work ahead of schedule.

Photographs: Taylor Abeel

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