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Common Grounds: Collaborating Elements (Part 2)

This post continues our Common Ground Series. Plant With Purpose, a San Diego-based nonprofit, works to alleviate poverty around the world by restoring the environment. While our missions are distinct, Plant With Purpose and Moniker Group share common visions for the communities in which we work. The Common Ground Series explores these shared values and how they intersect. 


Life-giving interactions take place all around us. An ecosystem, for example, is a synergistic co-mingling of organisms and physical elements. Humans are collaborative, too: we combine raw ingredients, spices, and heat to make a meal. We network parents, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to form a community. Singular components constantly interact to create something exponentially better.


Not surprisingly, a garden functions the same way. Simple elements like soil, trees, vegetables, and livestock create a healthy and productive farm. Where Plant With Purpose works, small farms are the single source of livelihood for poor, rural families. A healthy farm allows impoverished families to secure a better future for themselves and their children. What could be seen as chaotic components fall into place like puzzle pieces and seamlessly work together so farms and families can grow.


Your initial impression of the Moniker Warehouse might be a similar sense of disjointed parts. Inside, nonprofits work next to art studios. Small-batch manufacturers create physical products while design firms bring virtual products to life. In Moniker Group’s own workshop, sawdust carpets the floor as raw materials like wood and metal are transformed into custom installations. But what initially seems like individual pieces is actually a cohesive group, a family.


Moniker Group calls itself a dream factory, and with good reason. The purpose of Moniker Group is to create companies, environments, and experiences that stories grow from. The diversity of the warehouse means different stories are told with every completed project and new relationship. Like family farmers, Moniker Group brings together unique starting materials to build something cohesive and full of life.


Plant With Purpose turned 30 this month, a huge milestone for any nonprofit. Countless donors, foundations, volunteers, country partners, development professionals, farming families, and communities have helped us grow over three decades. We are humbled that each of them said yes to joining the journey. We also know that any good organization relies on its community for support and growth. Together with Moniker, we celebrate the beauty of collaboration and of combining simple elements to create something entirely new.

By: Annelise Jolley, Outreach Coordinator at Plant With Purpose

P.S. To celebrate our milestone birthday, we’re asking for an equally big gift. We’re inviting new and old friends to Give to Grow, and fund 30 family farms by the end of 2014. It’s going to take a community to accomplish this goal together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We invite you to collaborate with us today and help people around the world grow healthy farms and families!

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