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Google City Experts Launch Party



Its Hard to not get excited when you hear a name like Google come up as a possible client of yours. We were contact by the event production company MKTG INC. To build a series of elements for the launch of Google’s City Experts program. We were lucky enough to then be treated as special guests to the launch, and enjoy a fun evening with the team and their family and friends. 

We built a series of elements that included a large mock lemonade stand that was built to resemble a Peanuts style roadside stand, the booth was used to demonstrate the City Experts app, and help new members navigate the program; 12 sandwich boards were also made with custom chalk art for each vendor, and a large portable, modular bar that can take 3 different configurations, with a branded Google tap wall that housed 10 taps of locally brewed beer.

The event had such a big draw that the line extended out and around the corner, that’s quite an encouraging sight for our humble East Village Neighborhood


Oscar’s was serving up some unreal Shrimp Tacos and Ceviche, and Snake Oil Cocktails had awesome drinks to accompany all the great beer being served. Our team had a blast, as you can see from the smiles of James (Brand Manager), Aly (event Coordinator), and Rob (Architect).

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