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PARK(ing) Day 2014

We believe that one of the greatest catalyst to change and growth in the community is to bring people together around a common element. The element can take many forms; A physical place, and idea, or a common goal. PARK(ing) Day is one of these unique ideas that has the potential to elicit tangible change, and in some places, already has. The idea is simple, turn the parking spots in front of your business into a small park for the day. The goal; show that common areas for people to gather has far reaching benefits that extend from social to economic. The effect; a movement that has reached around the globe, created permanent versions of these temporary parks, and brought awareness to policy makers and business leaders that loss of parking space does not equate to loss of revenue. In fact, in many cases, it can lead to an increase in business, and better sense of community. We grabbed a few of our friends and neighbors and decided to test the concept, and lets just say. We’re believers.


Huge thanks to Makers Quarter, Simply Fresh Food Truck, Ladies and Gentlemen Coffee, TJ Newell, Helvey Design Studio, Vertical Garden Solutions, Chadwick Gantes for all these great photos, and most of all, the friends and community that came out to enjoy the afternoon.

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