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How We Coffee

The morning coffee ritual. Coffee drinkers know this well. The sleepy eyed fill of the kettle and what follows mirrors the rest of the day and what will be required: patience, attention to detail, work and rest.

For aged coffee home brewers, the subtle transition of the water in the kettle turning over into a boil is an anticipated sound. We love the careful weighing of coffee beans and the rich, boisterous buzz of the grind that follows. That smell though, the aroma of soon-to-be liquid gold helps our noses remember and our anticipatory taste buds eager. Coffee isn’t everything, but for the AM caffeine addict, coffee is life and this ritual is sacred.

We followed our coffee manager, Jeanette, through her home brew process.

Her suggested recipe for home: Chemex utilizing a 1:16 ratio. Purpose 50g of coffee to 800g water, starting with a 100g bloom for a minute. Then starting at the center, pour in slow circles until weight is met. Pour and enjoy – preferably with good reading material.











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