Our Story

It all started with our group of friends who, together, dreamed of something bigger. We dreamed about all that could be accomplished in the world and all the ways we wanted to contribute to it. When a friend outside our group approached us to create and implement a marketing campaign for an organization based out of Norway, we brought together a community of creatives to build a website, shoot documentary films, and take professional photos. We blended our talent and resources and realized our something bigger: we wanted to bring more people together and help create opportunities for others to thrive. We wanted to impact the community by engaging with fellow dreamers to make big things happen.

But first we had to figure out a name to give the bank in order to cash the check after we wrapped the project. One simple word, a placeholder to generate further conversation, became the core of what our company is all about: Moniker.

Our name showcases who we are – people running and functioning under a title that is intended to define nothing, while at the same time, anything. We partner with extraordinary organizations to design and build, invest in others, pursue new ventures, and challenge the way people view the boundaries of business. We get to help other people achieve their dreams, while at the same time achieving our own.